ENCOUNTER - 10/21/2017, Samuel Fontaine

hi uh, i don't know where else to report this. i heard you've been recording information on people's encounters with the supernatural and... well honestly, i don't know how else i'd describe this kind of thing, so...


this happened to me when i was around 15. my parents had signed me up to play soccer every tuesday, so i was by the road after the game, and uh, i decided to walk home that day. my house was only about a mile away, and the sun was only just starting to go down. thought i lived in a pretty safe neighborhood anyways, so i wasn't thinking about it.

i started going down the road, and for the longest time there's just nothing. town's pretty small, so i'm just seeing trees for what feels like hours. sun's going down faster than i thought it was, and...

alright, fine, i'll just get to the point. the weird shit started when i could've sworn i smelled smoke- or, or uh, charcoal, maybe? i looked around, but i didn't see anything burning. so that was weird. kept checking my left and right, and then uh-

i turn around, and there's this fucking guy there. i swear i almost jumped out of my skin. didn't hear him coming, and he wasn't there before, so i was, uh... really confused. he was a pretty short guy, looked kinda old i guess. but he was just staring me down. wasn't armed or anything, but man, his eyes really freaked me out. the more he looked the more i felt like i was on fire, it genuinely felt like it was hard to breathe.

i said "hello?" of course. trying to be polite and all that. probably a neighbor or something, if he's around this tiny town. nothing. the guy didn't say shit, just kept staring me down as if he was on a mission.

so i just turn and start walking- and- yes, i know, that was fucking stupid, but i didn't know what else to do! and the smell's not going away, so i know he's just fucking following me. he didn't seem stressed, or hunched, or even aggressive, just... i dunno, kinda ruthless? on a mission? i dunno...

so i'm starting to reach civilization right, and uh, i'm passing by my old church. really fucking hated that place, man. uh, even my parents didn't go there anywhere cuz my old pastor wasn't super nice to me and whatever. but uh.

i swear i didn't tell him anything. i swear it wasn't my fault. you have to believe me when i tell you this, man. i don't... know where else to go with this. cuz shit gets a little crazy.

so this guy, who hasn't taken his eyes off me even a little bit, finally opens his mouth, and he has this really calm voice, almost made me feel a little better until i actually process his words. he asked me if they had hurt me, or something? it felt like he was reading my mind. that he could tell i was angry, or something bad happened.

when i say i nodded, please believe i was just trying to get this guy to leave me alone. i was really uncomfortable.... but uh.

this guy, he uh.

he passed by me, and i realized he was going over to the church. i didn't know what he was doing- thought maybe he like, went to that church. started getting scared he was about to tattle on me or something.

but something else told me otherwise. i don't know why, but i got the idea that something really bad was about to happen.

i don't even remember seeing what happened next. one second he's standing there, the next... there's fire. the whole church. i didn't see it ever start, i just remember blinking and next thing i know the whole place is lit up like a christmas tree.

god, that's awful to say about a church, isn't it? sorry.

anyways, uh. i hear screaming, and the pastor comes out of the building coughing up a storm. i dunno if anyone else was in there, but.... i'm sure they had enough time to get out.

this guy, who let me remind you was like, small, man, seemed to change completely. i can't explain it. it's like his body turned into solid metal, slamming the guy down to the ground, and... he isn't talking, he seems so fucking calm during all of this despite everything, and...

he starts ripping the guy apart. with his teeth. they were so sharp, i swear it was like he'd turned into a monster. his arms were like metal beams holding the other guy down, and i see god-knows-what being pulled out of the poor guy.

i could barely process what i was seeing, but yeah, i was screaming my fucking lungs out. i mean, all i could see was a cold blooded murder in front of me, to a guy who hadn't even been that bad. despite the guy being as calm as can be, it's like he's pulling him apart like he's made of putty. like it's nothing. the smell of coal was all over, and i was scared something was going to blow up.

i feel like i can't run. even though i worry the same thing's gonna happen to me, i can't move. and when the guy's finally finished, he just silently turns over to me. and then i see all the blood around his mouth. it took a long time to realize what he actually did, but when i did, i wanted to throw up. his body looked contorted in all the wrong ways, his teeth so fucked up and long they looked like they were poking out. his eyes were glowing like a deer in the nighttime, and i knew in that instant that this guy wasn't a human being.

i asked him why, but i don't think it got out because i was so fucking scared. i couldn't stop stuttering and freaking the fuck out, but can you blame me? anyways, uh, the guy just stares me down, and he looks like he's grimacing. maybe he realized what he did, or something. and he just says something i can't make out. something weird. not in another language i don't think, just... unintelligible.

by the time the cops came, the guy had walked away, almost stumbling. he was covered in so much blood i had to wonder how he'd get out of this situation without getting arrested, right? i mean, fingerprints and shit... but no. nothing came of it.

thought the guy must've been some serial killer.

thought maybe it was just some freak accident, and it was over now. parents put me in therapy, and all that. they were worried about me. but i was getting better.

then i'm at school. and uh, it's going fine. got good grades and everything... anyways, i'm waiting for my parents this time. wasn't making the same mistake twice, right? i'm outside the gym, and this girl from one of my classes is a bit down the sidewalk. she's kinda weird, honestly. but not like, bad. she's not a jerk or anything. i was kinda surprised to see here there. never seen her parents before. kids at school told me she didn't have a mom.

and then i see her dad come over. i recognized him immediately. he was wearing a green flannel, honey brown hair to the shoulders and these crooked little glasses on his face. he looked.... weirdly nice. but the moment i saw him, i remembered the blood. i remembered what he'd done, and i felt like i couldn't move again. i was paralyzed. the girl i knew even perked up when he got there. he had this big smile on his face. if i hadn't been there that day, i would've never known...

our eyes met for a second, and i could smell coal again.

Notes: Most likely some kind of interloper encounter, if this was indeed a real case. The entity in question seems to have been in some kind of trance state, common of interlopers who don't properly predate. The writer admitted to being a high school kid, so it's possible they were lying out of their ass. I'm not sure though... they do sound pretty genuinely afraid here. Either this was a close encounter with an unchecked entity, or the kid's a good writer. Didn't add any location information, unfortunately. Not much can be done.