The Entity: Moulds

What are Moulds?

A mould is an entity formed through a particular concept, most commonly a negative concept rooted in fear, anger, or violence. These are slow forming entities who take a long time to mature. The term mould is used due to their origin in being slowly created by others and their perceptions. Throughout history, they may have had a hand in stories of created beings, such as thoughtforms. You would be wise to not compare the two, however. Many lack their own corporeal body within any plane, instead opting to create their own, doll-like bodies to be used as puppets. Others have grown exceptionally skilled at human or animal possession. Moulds are some of the most powerful entities, due to the nature of their creation through pure fear, anger, or otherwise.

Mould Posession:

Powerful Moulds are capable of human or animal possession. This is of no consequence to the Mould, who may leave their host at any time without difficulty. Unlike with The Faux, possession from a Mould does not kill or consume a host, nor are they capable of physically altering their host. In fact, possession from these entities is usually more lax, with it being more of an influence than a full takeover of the body and mind. The most powerful of Moulds may be capable of possessing multiple individuals at once.

Entity Attributes:

The specific attributes of a Mould often depend on what concept has created them. However, there are universal traits to be aware of, on top of the existing common attributes.

It is important to note that one, or even multiple, of these traits, do not necessarily indicate the presence of a Mould. However, many of these things in combination, along with common entity attributes, should be kept in mind, especially if you are in a vulnerable situation.