Planes: The Paracline

What is The Paracline?

The paracline refers to the potentially infinite gradient between the two sides of the veil. Many humans gaze into the paracline, or even travel through it, without their knowledge. As the paracline is a sparsely populated anomaly in its own right, it is usually safe to briefly brush against it with little harm. However, dive too far into its complexities may find you lost, or worse.

Where is the Paracline?

The paracline can be anywhere, in any point in space. It typically appears similarly to areas of the above, but with "off" qualities. This is most easily found in areas that are empty, abandoned, or otherwise, though this is not always the case. Common examples can be found all over the internet; it is my theory that the emergence of the "liminal space" phenomenon is greatly influenced by people's experiences with the paracline, and the strange feeling it overall creates. Move further in, and the differences can become much more stark. The dangerous thing about the paracline is how large and ever-changing it is; it may appear serene and transitory, or it may be incredibly vast, complex, and dangerous to escape. It is important to know when you are close to, or inside of the paracline, so that you may navigate your way out of it as soon as possible before sliding deeper in. You may find yourself in a very unsatisfactory position if not.